Wine is a unique and a sweet beverage. People take it mostly in their houses when they have an indoor party. There are others that keep it in the house and sip a little after taking the meals.

They come in different colors and flavors. The preference changes from one person to the other. There are those who like red wine while others like white wine.

Some like the one that has a strong taste, while others like the one that is less sweet and young.

We cannot talk about wine without wine glasses. There is a perfect glass for each type of wine. You should serve it well, leaving the one asking for more. Try checking out best glasses for wine at and many other wine related products.

As you buy the wine glass, you should consider several factors.


Wine glasses have varieties of color and decorations. They are beautiful and attractive. The best choice for red wine is the one that is crystal clear.

This is because it will show the beauty of the wine as you take.

(b)    BOWL

The wine glass should be narrow on top and more full on the bottom. This helps in evenly spreading the wine aroma to your nose.

Red wine glass requires a larger surface area than the white wine glass. Red wine needs sufficient space to breathe.

Serve the Champaign in a glass that has a small bowl, to ensure that carbonation is not lost.

(c)    STEM

A glass that has a stem is attractive and fit for serving wine. It allows you to see your content as you sip. You will not warm your drink with your hands; you will hold the stem instead of the bowl.

Consider the one that has a firm one to reduce chances of breakage.

(d)    RIM

Choose the one that has a thin rim. It will help in minimizing chances of agitation and interruption as you take your drink.

(e)    FOOT

Check that the glass has a stable foot. You will be sure of its stability.

Now let us discuss various types of wine glasses we can use at home.


This glass has a tulip shape. It helps in distributing the sweet smell towards your nose and mouth. You can serve brandy, aged rums, cognac, Armagnac and calvados with it.

It leaves you with the memories of that particular moment. Do not hesitate to go for it when you need to say cheers.


This wine glass has a large bowl; you can get your nose closer to your drink. You will smell the flavor better when you are using it. It is shorter than the rest.

You can use it to serve Pinot Noir or Chardonnay. These are just samples of the delicate drinks you can serve with it.


This is an elegant glass. People who have a high social status go for them. It will keep your wine cool even when you are not using ice cubes.

It has a stem that you hold instead of holding the bowl. This will ensure you are not warming the wine with your hands.

Ensure that you hold the stem well because it is fragile. You can serve drinks like martinis and Manhattans with it.


This one is perfect for serving red wine. This is because its rim is wide so that your wine can breathe well. You can fill it to the brim and enjoy the aroma.

Use it to serve Syrah, Cabernet, Blends, and Sauvignon. You will enjoy every sip to the last drop.


This wine glass is versatile. It is favorable for serving the liquor and the cocktail. You will be safe when mixing drinks in it.

You can use another one known as single old fashion glass in its place. They function in the same way. They are best for serving tonic or White Russian.


This one is smaller compared to the red wine glass. You can use it for different functions. You will enjoy smelling your beverage as you take it.

Most people use it to serve champagne, Rieslings, and Sauvignon.


They are smaller than the rest. As you use them, your wine gets to the edge of your mouth. The sweetness will go to every part of your mouth.

Dessert wine glasses should be small. This is because the alcohol level is high. You will only drink a small portion for you to stay sober.

You can use it to drink sherry and vermouth among others.


This glass is more narrow and upright than the rest. They are good for you to use when taking beverages that have carbonation.

Their shape plays a role in retaining this carbonation and the flavor. You can take the drink at your own pace and still enjoy it.


This one looks more of the traditional glasses. It has a wider bowl. It is easy to handle and store because it does not have the fragile stem.

You do not have to take special care on it. Your drink will get warm because you will be holding its bowl as you sip.


This glass will serve you for all types of drinks. It is not as expensive as the others are. Its bowl has the features of both red and white wine glass.

They are easier to handle, use, wash, and store, unlike the others.


As you go shopping, you will now be able to make a wise decision. Look at the bowl, rim, stem, foot and the color of each.

Make a choice depending on the purpose you intend to use it.

Buy the all-purpose glass to serve any wine. This is an option when you do not have enough money to buy varieties.


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