Summertime is about to come; maybe you are planning to go for an outdoor adventure, picnics, and beach trips. Or you’re probably going to stay home and enjoy the perfect summer vacation. But be careful of the extreme heat that the summertime can bring.

As temperature rises in several parts of the country, people become vulnerable to dehydration, heat cramps, heat strokes, and exhaustion. Kids and adults must be careful since they are prone to these. To beat the heat of the summer, try these home technologies to keep yourself protected.

ZEF Climatic Table

ZEF climatic table is a product of Zero Energy Furniture.  When viewed from the top, this table seems ordinary. This dining table works as a large heatsink, absorbing unwanted and excessive heat and cools down the room to a comfortable 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

It can also hold onto it all the warm air, and release them later when the room or area gets colder than you would prefer. All of these processes occur without any outside energy.

The table keeps things comfortable by the use of a deep layer of wax and various physics algorithm. The bottom part of curved aluminum supports the wax and helps heat to flow back and forth.

Dyson Bladeless Fan

The Dyson Bladeless Fan is a table fan that offers a smooth airflow, that seems like a constant breeze of wind. Dyson table fan hides its blades inside its pedestal stand, that is why it is called the bladeless fan.

This product grants a futuristic appearance that is far different from traditional and regular fans, as what we have in our homes; it also functions uniquely as well. The pedestal stand is the part of the fan that pulls in the air for up to 5.28 gallons per second, as much as a vacuum cleaner can do.

Plus, the Dyson table fan uses the brushless electric motor that turns the asymmetrically-aligned propellers. This section provides accurate control of the fan’s speed while keeping itself quiet compared to brushed motors. The fan’s pedestal motor grants an extra drive for fast flow of the air and shoots it right into the circular part of the fan.

Radiant Barriers and Reflective Insulation Structure

Radiant barriers and reflective insulation work by bouncing radiant temperature, unlike the typical insulation schemes which resist the convective and conductive flow of heat. Radiant barriers are typically in the attics, with the main purpose of reducing the heat gain of summer, also reduces the energy costs.

Reflective insulations are ordinarily high reflective aluminum sheets and combine radiant barriers into insulation systems that feature various supports, such as plastic films, kraft paper, cardboard, polyethylene bubbles, and thermal insulation elements.

These cooling systems are efficient in places having hot climates, particularly when the air cooling ducts are in the attic. The reduced gain of summer heat allows you to install a smaller air conditioning unit, for lower cost in energy bills.

Portable Cooling Systems

A portable air conditioner is a type of cooling system that can be transported easily from one place to another. The greatest advantage of having a portable air conditioner is that they don’t need to be installed physically like some of the common air conditioning systems that are through and on the wall.

This unit contains wheels connected to the bottom of it for a movement with ease and comfort. Plus, this air conditioning system consumes less energy, also comes with a timer to keep the right room temperature.


Imagine summertime without cooling systems. It may bring us a lot of unwanted heat, more sweat, or the worst, health problems.

With the use of reflective insulations, portable air conditioner, and the futuristic Dyson climate table, we can stay cool even if the summer sun is rising high. For more of the air cooling devices, try to check GStore or other various online sites.


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