Panels, poles, frames: see how to set up spaces to exhibit – and prestigiar! – your child’s artwork at home

Finger painting, wax chalk, wet chalk, gouache, cutouts … There are many materials your child uses to produce their own artworks at school – and it is impossible not to die of pride as you realize how he evolves into forms of art. Express yourself! The question is: what to do with so many drawings and paintings by your little Picasso? We selected 6 Pinterest ideas to expose your child’s work by making them part of the home décor. Inspire yourself:

1. On the clothesline

Hanging the works with minipregadores gets a charm! Placed like this, in the background, behind the very table to draw, the works leave the corner with the face of atelier.

Check out the image in Pinterest by clicking here .

2. Empty gallery

Make a composition with free frames and go changing the designs and paintings that fill them is a good way to always change the decor and still give a face of artwork to your child’s work. In this example, you can see the wire passed in the inside of the frames, where the works are hung with preachers.

Check out the image in Pinterest by clicking here .

3. Shapes and colors

Here, the principle is the same as the previous example, but the frames are different from each other, creating a more dynamic scenario. The varied shapes and colors make the wall fun! At the same time, the letters and round frame break the monotony of the right angles.

Check out the image in Pinterest by clicking here .

4. Tables in series

The decor of your living room can earn you cool air with the works of your children. In this case, the designs chosen seem all of the same series: in each frame there is only one central figure, which guarantees a certain uniformity to the whole. The frames, neutral and all the same, help create a pattern that does not weigh in the environment.

Check out the image in Pinterest by clicking here .

5. Fixed boards

Securing boards to make a permanent clothesline can also be a good strategy to display your child’s jobs. You can use the same shades of other furniture and create a clothesline, or hooks, to hang the papers.

Check out the image in Pinterest by clicking here .

6. Cork boards
Framed, cork panels can turn into spaces for displaying artwork. This proposal is nice especially if you have more than one child at home – see that each frame is flagged with a letter. The only caution is to keep your thumbs away from very small children, okay?


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