If you organize it right and each one does his part, you can leave the housekeeping on time without anyone being overwhelmed. And there’s plenty of time for family fun

However, for this dynamic to work, it is first of all imperative that both the children and their partner – or partner – understand that household chores are the responsibility of everyone living in the household. And that also means learning to give up. Of course, your 6-year-old son will not leave the bed as tidy and tight as you’d leave it. But you have to let him do it on his own and incorporate the task into the routine. “Sometimes mothers give up on delegating because they think their children will not do as well as they do. It tells the child that she is not good, that she does not know how to handle it, “says Ingrid. Remember: only with the help of everyone is it possible to keep the house in order without being overwhelmed.

The division

Before you pass any tasks on to your children, it is essential that you and your partner are aligned. A good start may be to listen to what the other does not support doing and come to an agreement. Ingrid made this adjustment in her own home: “When I talked to my husband, he said he did not want to wash or iron. But he offered to do the shopping and do the dishes, “he says. After agreeing which of the great tasks are the responsibility of who, it is time to distribute them throughout the week.

Ingrid recommends that the work be divided, so that every day has a specific task to be performed, which is part of the routine. You can, for example, have a general at home on Monday, and then go get a room a day: on Tuesday the bathroom, on the fourth the kitchen, on the fifth the room of the couple. Many families also take an afternoon or an entire morning just to let their meals advance, already frozen in pots. Thus, there is no need to soak the stove (and then have to clean it) every day. Remember to wash at least three times a week – so you do not let it accumulate – and get at least two clothes for the same reason.

How children can participate

There are many tasks that are done on a daily basis that your child can contribute to, from taking out the trash to watering the plants. “It’s important to get the kids to have fun with the function and that it is age-appropriate,” explains Ingrid. There are many cases where your child may already be involved in an activity, without necessarily performing it on account. “At the age of two, the child is able to give you preachers to hang clothes, for example,” Ingrid says.

No matter what your child’s responsibility is, it does not have to be weighed against the burden of an obligation. It can be fun as well. Enjoy the preparation of the meals to talk, the time to clean and dust to move to the sound of a lively song, for example. A good start is to get kids to keep their own toys, even if it’s a joke. Children between 3 and 5 years old can put their own laundry in the basket, help water the plants,replenish water and feed to the family pets and help clear the garbage. Between 6 and 7 years old, they can already try to pack their own bed, the school backpack, wash the dinner salad and help make the shopping list as well – a good opportunity to practice writing! Above 8, they can help to pass the vacuum cleaner in addition to putting and taking the table at meal times.

It is essential to make the distribution of daily tasks very clear on a spreadsheet, with responsibilities shared among all family members. In the case of children who still can not read, it is an idea to use drawings or stickers to remind them of what has to be done. It’s just not worth rewarding the fulfillment of the tasks – after all, everyone has the responsibility to keep the house they live in! You can compliment your child’s performance and make the achievement lighter, but nothing more.

Push the button

Technological breakthroughs have not only served to get the man to the moon or to make the world a touch on the screen of his smartphone. The technology has been used to improve the quality of life of families and this includes facilitating both cleaning and preparation of meals. Right from the outset, it may seem that some gadgets do not make so much difference in the day to day, but it is not true. “It does not look like it, but spending less 5 minutes here and 15 minutes there when it comes to taking care of the house, at the end of the day there’s an hour left,” explains Ingrid. It may be a little, but it may be enough for you to fit into the schedule to go to the gym or take advantage of the time simply to relax.

According to Ingrid, one of the worthwhile investments aside from the washing machine is a tumble dryer – which already saves several pieces from being ironed if they are well folded while still warm. Her advice, if you have room, is to have the two appliances separate: the washer and dryer, because the two can work at the same time and make the process easier. “Finding a washing machine that has washing for delicate clothes also saves time that you would lose by scrubbing,” she adds. 

Not to need to sweep the house every day, she also recommends the robot vacuum cleaner that collects the dust alone and self-loads – perfect for anyone who has pets at home. There are also small manual vacuum cleaners, which look like a broom, and work on battery power. Replacing normal floor cloths with microfiber can also make cleaning easier. Other than that, Ingrid also recommends buying always the concentrated versions of the products, which yield more and give less work.

What if everything goes wrong?

The week was atypical, the laundry accumulated and the house is looking like the sambadrome on Ash Wednesday? Ask for help. There are outsourced cleaning companies that can lend a hand and charge the service according to the number of rooms and the intensity of the cleaning. Count also on laundries that offer honest prices and remember that there are a zillion food services with home delivery. Unforeseen happen, and in such cases it is better to turn to outside help to get on the rails instead of losing sleep by trying to run after the delay and still care for the children.


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