Renovating a house entails a lot of planning and moving. Planning in terms of the new house layout and moving in terms of your existing furniture. A good renovation company in Australia would be Consult them if you happen to be in Australia. Moving existing home items can be a chore yet there are already a lot of storage solutions.

With so many storage solutions provider out there, you should be able to locate one that suits your needs and preferences. Nevertheless, there are specific guidelines in choosing the most appropriate provider for your requirements. Here are some points on how you may evaluate storage units and facilities.

1) Climate control in storage facilities and units

Pieces of furniture will have varying demands based on the material that they are made from. For instance, there are furniture pieces where mildew and fungi may easily grow and proliferate especially when they become damp during the entire storage period. With this, you have to evaluate the climate control and ventilation features of both storage facilities and units. The key concern here is whether you might have control of some sort or extend over the storage environment. This is especially true when you are renovating your other than in summer months.

2) Insurance provided by the storage solution provider

You have to check for this prior to signing the lease deed. You might need to buy a separate insurance cover for your furniture. Remember that insurance coverage is a way to protect yourself and your valuables. While the storage provider might have stringent security measures in its storage facilities, there are natural and man-made disasters that may occur like fire and floods.

3) Security in storage facilities and units

Even if you are not going to store high-end pieces of furniture, you should still prioritize the security levels of the facilities and units that you intend to store them. After all, you invest a lot in these sets of furniture. Some of the storage facilities and units are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems that you have to check. Nevertheless, there are storage units that have normal security options that you may opt for.

4) Other auxiliary services

You also have to check with the storage solution provider whether they are providing moving services. These services will be needed whether you choose to store the furniture in a storage facility or in a storage unit(s). Majority of storage solutions provider offer moving services as part of the package. Nonetheless, there are also those providers that offer these services at a discounted price when the furniture owners decide to store in facilities or units.


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