The eclectic home design is an assortment of what looks to be the best in several other designs. It is a selection of components accumulated from various sources and fixed together. Matching and mixing parts from different design and schemes of eras are not as simple as it appears.

The eclectic theme, even if not visible at first, obeys rules of good design. Here some of the tips you can use.

Choosing that Style

Though various themed rooms mix alternating design components, these observations are not as independent as what you might think. Strong spaces are composed of one key around decorating style.

Here, changeable furniture brings up-to-date frames that highlight a cheerful combination of modern and traditional accent fabrics. A worldwide pattern of color collections, and compelling portraits, which allows you to embody the living room.

Find Various Textures

Layer in a different pattern of textures that visibly link various decorating styles. Bamboo screens and a tall platform light with a woven tone of natural scales that are supported by contemporary types of furniture. Such as the elegant marble-capped amber coffee desk and an old metal seat.

A luxurious area of carpet and weathered collections of vintage stuff can offer unique texture designs that act as neutrals.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Choosing the Right Furniture

You can mix-and-match different items of furniture which exists to entirely different themes such as nonconformist, sober, contemporary or classical. There’s no definite rule for this one as long as the parts of the furniture have a shared design point where they can meet each other equally.

It only depends on your personal preferences; unrefined textures that you can mix with excellent and elegant materials. Here’s for example, the eclectic theme allows you to relax in mid-century chair belonging to various trends and cultures around a minimalist dining table.

Make Use of the Utilities

As well as determining the decor you will include into your eclectic home design, always think of the room that you mean to design. Let the utility talk your designs. It is entirely frightening to face an unoccupied space, and you would have to consider the fabrics and colors you will use to decorate it.

But the utility is a satisfying decoration, just think of how are you going to use the room properly to help put all of it together. Think of bookshelves, baskets, card tables, and drink trays. These items grant a comfortable, settled ambiance in your room.

Mixture of Patterns

Mixture of Patterns

An eclectic home design contains various of patterns. The core of successful design mixtures is to balance at least a color or two throughout the space and pick a pattern that plays the work well together.

Normally, you will find that stripes, dots, or geometric shapes that leads the work well with nature themes such as florals, leaf or fern patterns, birds or animal prints and designs. But this is not as easy as it seems, consider to choose the patterns that you like the most, always think that there is plenty of scales.

Consider mixing small and large designs, and if you are crazy about the pattern of colors, maintain white walls. Beds with solids on it and several window treatments are also a great design.

Make it More Personal

The point of building an eclectic space design is to bring your home the feeling like that it is a knock-off of the thing a stylist did for a celebrity or someone else.

You are free to mix textures and colors that you like, all that matters is the way you make your room unique by putting it your personal feelings that reflect what you love to do and who you are.


Your home design shows how well your personality is. If you have this rugged and rock characteristic, you can do this eclectic home design. Always think of the patterns, make use of the utilities and choose the right furnishings to achieve this theme.


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