It can be on the wallpaper, the paint, the decorative sticker, the floor and even the ceiling! inhale to make your child’s room more colorful

Who wants a white wall when you can have fun colors and prints? In addition to accommodating the child at bedtime, the baby room should be an inviting environment for imagination and playfulness – and the decor can help a lot. Next, meet three projects full of personality published by Casa e Jardim (Ed. Globo). They bring together beautiful ideas that will delight your child (and so do you!). The solutions presented are simple, affordable and easy to reproduce at home. Do not know where to start? Calm. We show the path of the stones … Or rather, the colors.

The owner of this unconventional baby room is little Alexa, 7 months. At 18 m², there is originality to spare. The arabesque ceiling (1) is an adhesive created by Studio Uvva (SP) and forms a beautiful graphic effect. Above the dresser (2), grace is on account of the world map – a request from the child’s mother. This is a custom sticker with a mix of colors signed by the architect Barbara Marins, especially for this project. And notice the detail of the wall (3): it displays a gradient that goes from pink to white.

If you want to spend little to revamp the environment and like to do everything on your own, sticker is a good option. There are wide variety of models, shapes, sizes and prices, and are easily found in virtual stores. The I-Stick, specialized brand, has mini-tapes starting at $ 35 (kit with 72 units of 5 cm x 5 cm each, in triangle, circle, drop …). The store ships to all Brazil.

Beatriz, 9, and her sister Carolina, 7, could each have a room, but they wanted to stay together. Thus, the environment that was empty ended up becoming a space of leisure and study, specially thought for them (1). Behind the counter, the charm is given by the wallpaper that imitates brick. The girls’ dormitory is 10 m² in size and exhibits attention-grabbing walls (3): the geomantic painting was done in shades of lavender, grape, blue and gray. On the opposite side (2), the color passes over the door. The project is by architect Carol Miluzzi (SP).

The wallpaper is a good request for anyone who wants to avoid the mess of a new painting. In Tok & Stok, for example, the model that imitates brick costs R $ 149 (roll with 1 mx 0.52 m. The glue is sold separately, for R $ 24). Want to touch the environment in a practical way? Invest in bedding without fear of making a mistake. In this room, there were used mooui children’s duvet covers, which have several fun prints starting at R $ 135. 

They are the soul of this project signed by the architect Triana Serrano (RJ). The 14 m² bedroom belongs to Marc, 8, a boy who loves robots – notice how they are present around the corner, in different shapes. The hydraulic tile floor blends white and gray (1), while the poster (brought from a family trip) warms the environment with its vibrant colors. The blue and green striped rug (2) is from LZ Studio. On the bed, the panned pillows at Madame’s Yard store also display graphic patterns.

Hydraulic tile is the ideal solution if you want geometric patterns on the floor. It gives personality and looks retro to the environment. While some are stamped with straight or curved lines, others feature floral designs. Kids will love watching the effects that form when the tiles are installed side by side. At Leroy Merlin, prices range from $ 11 to $ 14 (the 20cm x 20cm unit).


1. Do not be afraid to mix colors, materials and prints that you and your child enjoy. Follow the intuition to create a comfortable and warm environment. Space must have soul and meet the tastes of the locals – and not be a cold and impersonal scenery. 

2. Ask the child’s opinion to make decisions while decorating. It’s okay to take her to some stores and let her take part in certain choices, such as the bedding and the colors of the walls. This makes your child enjoy their own room and feels happy to sleep there. 

3. Leave a free area for the joke. To do this, avoid filling the environment with furniture that is not even so useful (and only hinder the circulation!). In smaller rooms, planned closets help you organize without taking up too much space.


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