If you often lavish attention on your home’s interior but notice that the exterior is looking a lot more worn or untidy, you could understandably feel disheartened. However, age and weathering can both take their toll on a property’s outer appearance; thus, it’s not part of the home you should overlook.

Furthermore, improving that exterior can be easier than you might have first thought – provided that you know what you are doing. Here are just a few crucial pointers.

Apply a fresh lick of paint

If your residential exterior is painted, you shouldn’t be too surprised if it starts looking flaky after heavy spells of rain or snow. However, you could still get hold of some masonry paint with which you could repaint the surface – whether that paint is the surface’s existing colour or a different hue.

Paint can also become discoloured or patchy over time – and you shouldn’t ignore either problem, as it could result in damage which is expensive to put right again, BT warns.

Add a porch

If the home currently looks rather plain, you could benefit from adding a porch which adheres to the existing building’s overall style. Nonetheless, you don’t have to opt for an overly elaborate design; you might be happy with just a modestly-sized roof and, of course, something holding it up.

On the other hand, you might already have a porch, but deem it unsightly. Does it aesthetically clash with the rest of the house? If so, replacing that porch could be a very good idea.

Apply a fresh lick of paint

Replace the front door

This is a quick method of updating the property’s exterior, says House Beautiful. There are various materials from which you can choose for that door, including wood and aluminium. There are great reasons to particularly consider uPVC, a material which you could also select for the windows.

uPVC has the merits of resisting both seawater and pollution. It is also strong and durable and won’t rot or fade. There might be a local building firm that could fit uPVC doors and windows for you.

Add some external lighting

Yes, well-chosen lighting really can serve a much broader purpose than simply allowing you to see the house when you are trying to find it at night.

So, what particular type of external lighting should you install? It’s ultimately your choice; however, you could consider lighting which turns on upon detecting movement. Another option is bathing your home in soft and warm lighting to give it a more welcome evening look, says Grand Designs Magazine.

Repair or overhaul the roof

Checking your own roof safely for signs of damage might be beyond your practical ability. However, you might come across a local company that can check this roof for you – perhaps even for free. What they find could help you judge whether you should do anything with the roof.

The same company might be able to replace it – and possibly also carry out roof repairs in Newcastle upon Tyne or wherever else you reside.


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