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5 Ideas to Decorate the House

5 Ideas to Decorate the House

With a little creativity, it is possible to create a Halloween mood without spending too much. And the kids will have fun helping! No more escape: Halloween has already become fashionable in Brazil. In addition to the costumes that kids (and...
6 ways to display your child's artwork

6 ways to display your child’s artwork

Panels, poles, frames: see how to set up spaces to exhibit - and prestigiar! - your child's artwork at home Finger painting, wax chalk, wet chalk, gouache, cutouts ... There are many materials your child uses...
How to organize the house

How to organize the house – and what to keep – for the arrival...

See what you should keep at home thinking about the next child and what not worth saving Make no mistake about the size of the babies . Those who have children know well the enormous space they occupy...
How to keep the house clean and tidy

How to keep the house clean and tidy – no cleaning lady!

If you organize it right and each one does his part, you can leave the housekeeping on time without anyone being overwhelmed. And there's plenty of time for family fun However, for this dynamic to work,...
Baby Room Decor How to Use Prints

Baby Room Decor: How to Use Prints

It can be on the wallpaper, the paint, the decorative sticker, the floor and even the ceiling! inhale to make your child's room more colorful Who wants a white wall when you can have fun colors...


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